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Discover why Fricks concrete floor products are being called the most durable floors in the world.
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Fricks has proven results, improving performance across dozens of the most demanding industries.

24 Reasons Fricks is the Recognized Leader in Industrial Concrete Floors

01 Self-performing with professional Journeymen (No subcontractors)
02 Increased Surface Strength (Utilizing Trap Rock)
03 Increased Service Life Over 40 Years
04 Increased Productivity
05 Significant Cost Savings in the 1st year and lifetime of the floor
06 Minimal to no Increase in cost through Free Design Build
07 Superior Mix Designs with our own in-house testing lab
08 Minimum 3 Year Warranty
09 No Chemicals Required for cleaning
10 Decreased Floor Maintenance
11 Decreased Product Loss
12 Significantly Decreases the potential for Cracking
13 Virtually Eliminates Curling and Spalling
14 Unmatched Detailed Finishings
15 3X to 4X Lower Permeability
16 Abrasion Resistance Increase by 30% to 40%
17 Flatness/Levelness for full service life of Concrete
18 Increase Strength at the Control Joints (Utilizing Armor Joints)
19 Increased Strength at Load Transfer Points (Utilizing Diamond Dowels)
20 Slab size up to 150ft X 150ft
21 90% Fewer Joints
22 Decreased Equipment Maintenance
23 Increased Equipment Operator Safety
24 Floor is Self-Polishing through use
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"We have worked with Fricks for approximately 10 years on a number of install high quality concrete floor slabs in large distribution and processing facilities. The work performed by Fricks has always been high quality, and has met or exceeded the quality expectations of the design and the construction documents. Fricks has consistently exhibited a high level of competency in the delivery of their product, as well as a high level of integrity and professionalism in all business dealings – which is why Fricks is highly regarded in our industry."

Brian T. King | President | AM King Construction

"I have worked with Fricks for more than 10 years on numerous projects throughout the United States. Fricks knowledge of concrete materials, floor slab installations, and finishing techniques is unsurpassed. Fricks has always completed their work as planned and met or exceeded the specifications and project requirements. Fricks attention to planning and preparation assures work is completed in a smooth and professional manner. I would highly recommend Fricks for exceptional quality floor slabs."

Mike Schwartz | Director of Operations | ESI Contractors

"I have worked with Fricks since 1988. I trust Fricks' leadership and expertise of concrete which is why Fricks has performed quality installations on 10 major projects for our organization throughout the western United States. These projects encompassed approximately 4.3 million square feet of finish slab work for our key customers, which were all "Best of Class" quality installations. I would highly recommend Fricks..."

Forrest D. McNabb, CPE | Senior Vice President | BIG-D Construction

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