Concrete Industrial Floors

The Fricks Company provides commercial flooring solutions with a durability that could last ten times longer than ordinary concrete floors. While the Fricks Company is known for winning 26 Golden Trowel awards for the flatness and levelness of its concrete floors, it believes that "ultimately the most important standard in a Concrete Floor is Durability."

Concrete Flooring Solutions for Your Specific Needs

There are many ways how concrete floors are used. A big factor in flooring durability is that it is designed and built for its intended use. The Fricks Company has a variety of industrial and commercial flooring solutions. One of the company's outstanding flooring solutions is the FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating Floor. This is the flooring solution for those who need concrete flooring that can withstand the abuse of excessive forklift traffic. One important factor in the durability of this flooring solution is that it has 90% fewer joints. Flooring damage usually starts at the joints.

FDT Topping Dewatered Traprock floor is another flooring solution for those who require the "highest level of abrasion and impact resistance" in facilities that operates with high forklift traffic round the clock.

FMT Surface Monolithic Traprock floor is a topping used to make your concrete floor last longer against abrasion and heavy impact.

The FSF Superflat Floor is the recommended flooring solution for those who need super flat and very durable flooring in defined traffic aisles such as in warehouses.

Tell a Fricks Representative your flooring requirements and the company will offer solutions that will provide you with the most durable floors to support an efficient operation with and reduced equipment maintenance cost.