Durable Flooring

The Fricks Company has always aimed to provide durable flooring that exceeds customer and industry expectations. Winning twenty six Golden Trowel awards, the "Contractor of the Decade" award as well as various safety awards from the American Society of Concrete Contractors were proofs that Fricks Company is on the right path in the concrete flooring industry.

The Fricks Company's excellent performance in decades was achieved through technology innovations and techniques that enabled it to install durable flooring that exceeded industry standards.

In addition to the various awards, Fricks has been reaping the rewards of excellent work by being the chosen flooring contractor of companies in the following industrial and commercial sectors: food and beverage processing and distribution, warehouse stores, automotive/trucking, retail distribution, aerospace/aviation and electronics, among others. Its global customers are based not only in the United States and Canada but also in the Caribbean, South America and other locations worldwide. Customers continue to seek Fricks' consistently durable flooring which is self-polishing, dustless, dense and more resistant to abrasion.

Excellence As Flooring Contractor

For more than thirty years, Fricks has maintained its excellent performance as a flooring contractor through continuing innovations and mastery of floor technologies such as its rebar reinforcement techniques, superior concrete mix design, traprock techniques, efficient use of joints and other flooring solutions for its customers' requirements Whether customers require durable flooring that can withstand heavy forklift traffic, abrasion as well as wear and damage caused by various operating processes, there is a flooring solution from Fricks Company. Flat and durable flooring is essential in industrial operations to reduce costs from major equipment repair or replacement. Fricks Flooring Company aims for excellence in its operations not only for the awards but more importantly for the satisfaction of its customers.