Floor Industrial

The Fricks Company has become an authority and industry leader in the 30 years that it has been in the concrete flooring business. This enviable status was reached through the company's continuing tradition of innovation to improve its operations and to come up with flooring solutions for its customers various commercial and industrial flooring needs.

While Fricks' innovations were intended primarily for the customers, they have also earned various industry awards for the company. These awards were recognitions of the quality and soundness of Fricks' flooring solutions and they also boosted Fricks reputation as an industry authority.

One of these prestigious awards is the Golden Trowel award which is given annually to the flooring contractor which built the flattest and most level concrete floor. In the three decades that the Golden Trowel has been given, The Fricks Company has won 26 awards. So far, Fricks has the most number of Golden Trowel awards. This makes The Fricks Company the undisputed authority in industrial and commercial flat floors.

The Fricks Company's Contractor of the Decade Award is another booster of its reputation as a builder of durable concrete floors.

In terms of business growth, The Fricks Company has provided industrial flat floors to satisfied customers nationwide as well as in Canada, Mexico and in South American countries. Fricks' expertise in industrial flooring is backed by its flooring solutions tailored to fit its customer's needs. In addition to the Golden Trowel awards for the flatness of its floors, industrial and commercial floors by Fricks have the durability to last ten times longer than conventional concrete floors.

For your commercial and industrial concrete flooring needs, contact a Fricks representative for more information.