Industrial Flooring Companies

During the thirty years that The Fricks Company has been in business, it has established a reputation for providing durable concrete flooring that exceeds industry standard. Fricks' reputation as a provider of outstanding product quality has been highlighted many times over not only by its satisfied customers but also by the numerous awards it got such as its 26 Golden Trowel awards for the flatness and levelness of its floors, the Contractor of the Decade award and the safety awards.

Fricks has raised the bar of quality through its use of proven flooring techniques, precision equipment and quality testing to ensure flooring durability, flatness and levelness. Fricks is known for durable floorings that lasts about ten times longer than traditional concrete floors.

Fricks consistently provide products and services that exceed industry standards because it has developed a number of flooring construction technology that apply to varying flooring requirements. Customers have different flooring requirements and Fricks has developed flooring solutions that fit their needs.

For industrial or commercial flooring, the other important requirements aside from beauty and durability are the productivity and efficiency of the people in the facility. For example, is the concrete floor, flat and leveled so that the forklift can travel safely at faster speeds or without damage on their parts that would required repair and replacements sooner than the expected time?

Fricks' flooring solutions have been proven and tested. The superior qualities of its flooring solutions helped establish Fricks as an authority and leader among flooring contractors. If you are looking for flooring solutions that fit your flooring requirements, contact a Fricks representative.