Behind every FRICKS Floor is a system of joints and detail work designed to withstand the abuse of forklift traffic.

Joints and Details

Joints and Details

Behind every Durable FRICKS Floor is a dependable system of joints and detail work designed to with stand the abuse of forklift traffic. Construction joints are flat and Durable reducing equipment maintenance and repair cost. FRICKS attention to detail ensures that construction and control joints activate and perform properly reducing the potential for cracking on even the smallest of details and enables us to deliver the most Durable joints in the world.

Construction Joint Dowels
The most innovative technology used to provide the greatest load transfer across construction joints and allow horizontal slab shrinkage movement in all directions.  

Existing to New Slab Transition
Transition from existing facility slabs to new slabs is very important to provide facility cohesion and can be made extremely Durable with the proper attention to details and techniques.

Control Joint Dowels
Control joints lose aggregate interlock once the joints activate requiring the need for proper load transfer devices.

Armored Construction Joint
Construction joints exposed to forklift traffic protected with steel angles or flat plate bars to provide the highest level of durability and impact resistance for the most demanding forklift traffic patterns.



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