Seamless Concrete

Seamless flooring by the Fricks Company is durable, easy to maintain, and customized with seamless concrete designs. All Fricks seamless floorings are built to withstand heavy traffic and difficult conditions from daily use.

If concrete floors are seamless, they are easy to maintain because no joints or grout lines are trapping dust and dirt from all the traffic passing by. Cleaning may just require mopping with a floor cleaner, or a simple dust mop will do to keep the surface clean.

The Fricks Company is a recognized expert when it comes to seamless concrete designs. Just like all its concrete floors Fricks' seamless flooring is valued for its durability and superior quality. Fricks maintains its flooring quality by using an optimized concrete mix that undergoes testing for strength and expansion during and after the building process.

Fricks is the recipient of twenty six Golden Trowel awards for the flatness and levelness of the flooring it has built. However, for Fricks, there are other important quality standards like durability that are just as important as flatness and levelness.

With or without the various industry awards it gets, Fricks Company always aims for products and services that exceed industry standards, Fricks' concrete floors are seamless and many times more durable than traditional concrete flooring. Fricks builds seamless concrete designs that are both resistant to high impact and abrasion. To Fricks' customers, their durable floors save them from the costs of frequent maintenance and repairs.

Durable seamless flooring by Fricks can be found in various facilities in the United States and in other countries worldwide. If you need more information on seamless flooring by Fricks, contact a company representative.