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12/04/2016 Greg Fricks

Flatness + Levelness + Durability = Longevity

Concrete flatness and levelness is not a guarantee of floor quality and longevity. Discover better standards for measuring quality and...

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12/02/2016 Greg Fricks

Laser Screed Strikeoff

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12/02/2016 Greg Fricks

Fine Grading, Compact & Proof Rolling

Examples of Fricks Grading, Compacting and Proof Rolling


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09/13/2016 Greg Fricks1

3 Steps for Successful Concrete Floor Joint Maintenance

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden knew a thing or two about success. He also knew how important small things...

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08/09/2016 Greg Fricks

Exactly What is Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete?

Shrinkage-compensating concrete (SCC) has become the preferred material for industrial concrete floors. It offers a variety of advantages over conventional...

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07/19/2016 Greg Fricks

What Design-Builders May Not Be Considering When Planning an Industrial Concrete Floor

Customer retention and reputation protection are two of the biggest priorities for design-builders today. To achieve both, you’ll need to...

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07/12/2016 Greg Fricks

Techniques to Avoid Spalling in an Industrial Concrete Floor

Spalling is a serious concern for many facilities with industrial concrete floors that...

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05/16/2016 Greg Fricks

The Impact of Heavier Loads and Harder Forklifts and Pallet Rider Trucks Wheels on Concrete Floors

Over the last several years, industrial facilities have been using forklifts and pallet...

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05/05/2016 Greg Fricks

3 Advantages of Having a Floor Contractor Design-Build Your Industrial Concrete Floor

When it comes to industrial facilities, the concrete floor is a vital...

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