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07/12/2016 Greg Fricks

Techniques to Avoid Spalling in an Industrial Concrete Floor

Spalling is a serious concern for many facilities with industrial concrete floors that...

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05/16/2016 Greg Fricks

The Impact of Heavier Loads and Harder Forklifts and Pallet Rider Trucks Wheels on Concrete Floors

Over the last several years, industrial facilities have been using forklifts and pallet...

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05/05/2016 Greg Fricks

3 Advantages of Having a Floor Contractor Design-Build Your Industrial Concrete Floor

When it comes to industrial facilities, the concrete floor is a vital part...

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04/27/2016 Greg Fricks

ASRS Slabs and the Need for Proper Rebar Location

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are becoming more and more prevalent these...

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03/30/2016 Greg Fricks

How do Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) Work?

The list of automated things these days keeps growing and growing. From preparing...

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03/17/2016 Jeromy Craig

4 Things to Expect from Your Concrete Floor Joint Fillers

Behind every durable concrete floor is a dependable system of joints and detail...

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03/16/2016 Greg Fricks

3 Reasons Why Reputation is More Important Than Ever Before in Industrial Construction

When it comes to reputation, business magnate Warren Buffet said it best. “It...

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03/15/2016 Jeromy Craig

How To Know When My Concrete Floor Joint Filler Has Failed (and What To Do About It)

No one likes it when things fail. Whether you’re in sales, customer service...

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03/10/2016 Greg Fricks

New Industrial Concrete Floor Warranties: Who Provides Them?

Guarantees and warranties are pretty similar. In fact, a guarantee is defined as...

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03/01/2016 Greg Fricks

Industrial Concrete Floor Warranties: What to Expect

When it comes to industrial concrete floors, you want to mitigate risk. Hiring...

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