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01/28/2016 Greg Fricks

Unique Factors That Go Into Choosing A Floor For A Cold Storage Facility

Cold storage warehousing creates some unique structural challenges -- and one of these...

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01/25/2016 Greg Fricks

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Concrete Floor Specialist

Hiring the right concrete floor specialist for your refrigerated warehouse is absolutely critical....

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01/21/2016 Greg Fricks

Avoiding Joint Failure in Concrete Floors

Joint failure is one of the most common issues that warehouses experience with...

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01/06/2016 Greg Fricks

The 3 Best Floor Systems for Refrigerated Concrete Floors

Concrete floor toppings can be used to greatly increase the durability and longevity...

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11/15/2015 Greg Fricks

What You Need To Know Before Your Industrial Concrete Floor Is Poured

The concrete floor of your facility is an investment in many ways. Yes,...

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11/03/2015 Greg Fricks

What You Need To Know Before Designing Your Industrial Concrete Floor

Many requests for proposal in the construction industry have only a brief section...

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10/12/2015 Jeremy Clark & Bret Houk

Why Do Refrigerated Warehouse Floors Require Vapor Barriers?

It is commonplace, and required, to use a vapor retarder or barrier beneath...

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09/12/2015 Greg Fricks

Impact of the Environment and Components on Durable Floors

Technology has allowed builders to measure and perfect the factors that help commercial...

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08/27/2015 Greg Fricks

How to Recognize the Components of a Durable Floor

There are a number of elements that impact the long-term durability of a...

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08/24/2015 Greg Fricks

Reduced Joint Concrete Floors: A Tutorial

In concrete floors, joints allow each slab to move independently of the others...

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