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03/15/2016 Jeromy Craig

How To Know When My Concrete Floor Joint Filler Has Failed (and What To Do About It)

No one likes it when things fail. Whether you’re in sales, customer service...

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03/10/2016 Greg Fricks

New Industrial Concrete Floor Warranties: Who Provides Them?

Guarantees and warranties are pretty similar. In fact, a guarantee is defined as...

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03/01/2016 Greg Fricks

Industrial Concrete Floor Warranties: What to Expect

When it comes to industrial concrete floors, you want to mitigate risk. Hiring...

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01/28/2016 Greg Fricks

Unique Factors That Go Into Choosing A Floor For A Cold Storage Facility

Cold storage warehousing creates some unique structural challenges -- and one of these...

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01/25/2016 Greg Fricks

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Concrete Floor Specialist

Hiring the right concrete floor specialist for your refrigerated warehouse is absolutely critical....

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01/21/2016 Greg Fricks

Avoiding Joint Failure in Concrete Floors

Joint failure is one of the most common issues that warehouses experience with...

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01/06/2016 Greg Fricks

The 3 Best Floor Systems for Refrigerated Concrete Floors

Concrete floor toppings can be used to greatly increase the durability and longevity...

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11/15/2015 Greg Fricks

What You Need To Know Before Your Industrial Concrete Floor Is Poured

The concrete floor of your facility is an investment in many ways. Yes,...

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11/03/2015 Greg Fricks

What You Need To Know Before Designing Your Industrial Concrete Floor

Many requests for proposal in the construction industry have only a brief section...

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10/12/2015 Jeremy Clark & Bret Houk

Why Do Refrigerated Warehouse Floors Require Vapor Barriers?

It is commonplace, and required, to use a vapor retarder or barrier beneath...

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