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09/12/2015 Greg Fricks

Impact of the Environment and Components on Durable Floors

Technology has allowed builders to measure and perfect the factors that help commercial...

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08/27/2015 Greg Fricks

How to Recognize the Components of a Durable Floor

There are a number of elements that impact the long-term durability of a...

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08/24/2015 Greg Fricks

Reduced Joint Concrete Floors: A Tutorial

In concrete floors, joints allow each slab to move independently of the others...

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08/19/2015 Greg Fricks

What’s so special about SCC floors?

At FRICKS, we create concrete floors for high traffic, high-volume sites that require very durable floors with as few joints...

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07/29/2015 Greg Fricks

Our Floor Contractor's Motto: Always Be Prepared

Site organization and cleanliness is important to the over-all quality of the job...

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07/20/2015 Greg Fricks

Shrinkage Compensating Concrete vs Shrinkage Reducing Chemicals

The shrinkage battle

When considering which approach...

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06/30/2015 Greg Fricks

Before You Begin, Think About Finishing

Mixing, pouring, and finishing concrete is a trade that blends art with science, and braun with skill. To be a...

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04/03/2015 Greg Fricks

Diamond Dowel System vs. Conventional Square or Round Dowels

Joint failure is the most common issue in a concrete floor. As the...

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03/30/2015 Greg Fricks

Interesting Gadgets from WOC 2015-Somero Matson Deflection Meter

World of Concrete 2015 (WOC 2015) took place the first week of...

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03/05/2015 Greg Fricks

Why Is Trap-Rock Important?

The part of a concrete floor that experiences all the abuse is, of...

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