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Welcome to the FRICKS Company Blog

We are starting this blog to give building owners, engineers, and others involved in new construction or industrial floor installation a better idea of what goes into the creation of a quality concrete floor. 

Floors are essential to a building’s use yet most people know very little about designing and installing a durable concrete floor that will resist damage. When installed properly, a well-designed floor can extend the operational life of equipment, and reduce physical impact and fatigue on the forklift operators. While there is plenty of information online about the installation of concrete floors, the information can be overwhelming and confusing. We want to help you determine your needs and expectations.

FRICKS has been in this business for decades. We are proud of the way we have taken advantage of proven innovations in equipment and materials without abandoning older methods that continue to provide high quality results. Science is at the heart of a good concrete floor and craftsmanship is the soul. Our company culture demands quality workmanship. FRICKS tests the ready mix materials for each project in our own lab prior to the installation of each concrete floor to ensure the best possible result. Also, before we begin installing concrete we do our homework and create a plan that allows us to be productive from the moment we arrive on the jobsite. 

Through this blog we will present topics ranging from the anatomy of a concrete floor to the lifetime cost savings of floor repair and equipment maintenance. We will talk about the materials and techniques of installing and finishing a concrete floor with an eye towards helping you determine the impact to your business. We look forward to sharing with you the exciting improvements in concrete and equipment that have taken place just over the past few years that help us create the most durable floor with the fewest joints. 

A great floor is an investment in your business, your equipment, and your employees. We are here to help you learn about your floor needs and demands so you can make the best decisions when hiring a concrete floor contractor. We hope you follow our blog and share it with your colleagues.