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A 45 Year Tradition of unmatched quality and performance
A legendary tradition of quality that shows in every phase of every project - every time.

Terry Fricks begins a new career in the concrete construction industry


Our Founding

Terry J. Fricks, Inc. is founded and begins to offer concrete placing & finishing services in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area


Fricks installs its first Superflat VNA for Keebler in Ft. Worth, TX



Fricks innovates unique ways of testing, hardening, and finishing concrete that fast become the industry benchmark.

Fricks installs its first Shrinkage Compensating Concrete floor for Albertsons Groceries in Roseville, CA

Fricks builds first FDT floor for extreme durability for Peterbilt



Fricks wins first FACE Golden Trowel award to be followed by 25 more Golden Trowel awards for flatness and levelness establishing Fricks as the premiere industrial concrete floor contractor.

Terry Fricks son, Greg Fricks joins the company.


Terry Fricks begins speaking at World of Concrete and other industry events. and continues to speak for 22 consecutive years.


Fricks builds a 2 million sq ft facility using the most innovative floor products of it’s day.


Fricks expands operations to Mexico.



Terry’s other son Brad Fricks joins the company.


Fricks installs a floor for Walmart Distribution Center in New Mexico. The first of several Walmart Distribution Centers over a 6 year period across the US.


Fricks expands operations to Canada installing a Fricks SC Advantage floor for CostCo in British Columbia, Canada.


Terry Fricks wins the Sam A. Face Award for outstanding performance, contributions and accomplishments in the art and science of high quality horizontal concrete construction.

Fricks wins the Face Contractor of the decade award.


Sons Greg and Brad Fricks undertake leadership roles in establishing a new company direction.

Fricks perfects and expands its shrinkage compensating floor products which reduce joints by more than 90% and increase floor performance.


Terry Fricks is named by Concrete Construction Magazine as one of the top 10 Most Influential People in The Concrete Construction Industry.


Fricks installs second FDT Floor for Fosters/Progressive Distributors on Grand Cayman Island.


Fricks Expands to provide turnkey services in Design/Build total responsibility packages , Repair on Existing, and Wall Curb products.


Fricks provides full design/capability with the ability to stamp in all 50 States.


Fricks introduces Design/Build industrial outside Thin Concrete Paving (TCP) to the United States.


Building VALUES for the Future

Fricks continues to strive for the best in our service and people with client-oriented values to ensure better quality for their clients into the future


Provide your very best to others

Demand the best in yourself


Deliver on your Commitments

Represent Fricks with pride of workmanship


Create a positive experience that others will recognize and appreciate

Respond with “Competitive Urgency”


Treat others with dignity, honesty and respect

Value others and help them succeed


Take ownership of your actions and decisions

You are an ambassador for Fricks


Fricks adds over 20 new brands and completes over 200 Million Square Feet of Industrial Floors.


Fricks introduces revolutionary Fricks Optimized Paving (FOP) as a tough, competitive alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete pavement - replacing out-of-date design methods of older techologies and competing with the initial costs of traditional paving and asphalt.
Learn more about Fricks FOP here »

Fricks provides innovative methods for addressing concrete construction when temperatures are hot, and when temperatures are cold – ensuring the ability to deliver consistent quality products in extreme temperature situations.