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Frick’s Optimized Paving
Frick’s Optimized Paving provides a tough, competitive alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete pavement.

For nearly a half of a century, Fricks has delivered high-quality, award-winning performance floors on the inside of the most demanding facilities. Today, Fricks FOP (Frick’s Optimized Paving) delivers customers a high-quality solution on the outside of their facilities as well.

Fricks FOP provides optimized designs for outside paving that replaces out-of-date design methods of older technologies and competes with the initial costs of traditional paving and asphalt. It can lower both the initial paving cost as well as the long-term costs.

Fricks Optimized Paving addresses the factors that influence concrete performance

  • Truck Traffic
  • Vehicular Loads
  • Patterns & Frequency
  • Subgrade/Subbase Support
  • Concrete Strength
  • Pavement Panel Thickness
  • Joint Spacing
  • Joint Stability (load transfer)
  • Use of Curves & Cutters
  • Temperature
  • Moisture

Learn more by watching the video below or contact a Fricks Representative to introduce this revolutionary product to you and learn from leading industry experts as to what this innovative product can do for you.

Fricks Optimized Paving provides a more superior solution alternative to traditional paving and asphalt

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