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Repair and Replacement
FRICKS provides exceptional Removal and Replacement services for deficient concrete.

Removal and Replacement of Existing Floors

FRICKS provides Durable concrete floor replacement, seamlessly integrated - and constructed without downtime to your production schedules. FRICKS Durable Replacement is a unique solution which helps you address your spalling, cracked and deteriorating concrete floors while enabling you to keep efficient production uptime.


Installing your concrete floor correctly the first time is your best insurance against future floor problems. FRICKS can install floors that actually extend floor life by up to 7 times. Quality matters.

Epoxies and overlays are simply "band-aid" fixes that people often use to try to treat serious floor deficiencies. The fact of the matter is that spalling, cracked, deteriorating or misaligned concrete problems ALSO impact productivity in the form of:

• Serious forklift repair issues

• Accelerated equipment failure

• Increased dust and debris issues

• Slower daily inventory management

• Lower profitability


FRICKS provides a variety of concrete floor systems: The FMT Surface floor - Tough traprock shell that provides greater durability at cost-competitive prices. The FDT Dewatered Traprock floor - FRICKS' toughest floor surface lasting 7 times longer than conventional floors. The award-winning FSF Superflat provides precision level features for defined traffic floors. And our FDF Finish floor is a economical solution to light-traffic floors, while incorporating FRICKS' burnished trowel finish techniques for a lifespan double that of other conventional floors.

Don't put off your Removal and Replacement any longer. FRICKS understands the unique concerns of distribution facilities, and can design an productivity solution to replace those badly-damaged floors while enabling you to keep your production flow wide open. We will meet your specific needs, requirements, expectations and budget, while optimizing performance for many years to come.